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Community Over Competition

First look with bride and groom, Peru Indiana by Miss Cara Photography
(C) Miss Cara Photography

Brides, did you have to postpone your shower, wedding, or honeymoon?

Mama, are you worried about documenting baby's arrival, newborn photos, or coming home?

Development director, is your biggest annual fundraising event on hold?

More than ever before photographers are challenged to work together. Perhaps it's due to a global pandemic like COVID-19, restrictions from governments due to that pandemic, or fear of facing another recession like the one in 2008.

Thankfully there were seven other photographers that surrounded and supported Miss Cara Photography long before social distancing and SBA loans took over community-wide photographer conversations.

There is much uncertainty in the months to come as we prepare to celebrate events like graduations, engagements, weddings, baby showers, births, birthdays, fundraisers, and recognition events. What we do know is that we are stronger together!

Bridal Photos in Peru, Indiana, 2020, Miss Cara Photography
(C) Miss Cara Photography

The plan

Miss Cara Photography has partnered with seven trusted photographers. We are actively attempting to maintain our own outstanding contracts as sessions reschedule. If we are unavailable due to another booking, we will bring your session to our community and find someone in the group to stand in on our behalf. The session pricing, contract, and photography agenda won't change. Clients can decide if they would like Miss Cara Photography to still edit images for style consistency.

Bridal photos at Ole Olson Building, Peru Indiana by Miss Cara Photography
(C) Miss Cara Photography

Here's why this works

  • These photographers understand how to calibrate manual camera settings for composition and lighting. They're aware of body language, styling, and posing. Each brings speciality skills to this community, but at the foundation, they all align.

  • These photographers all have wedding experience and can stick to timelines, manage a variety of lighting situations, and improvise quickly.

  • Most of the photographers in this community shoot together regularly for weddings and events. We even hire one another for our own sessions.

If we would trust them with our photos, we know that we can trust them with yours.

More on this community

Anne Bartlett | Anne Bartlett Photography | Greencastle, Ind.

Anne is featured on the blog. Learn more about How Anne Bartlett Became A Rural Newborn Photographer.

Jessica Briones | Jessica B. Photography | Greencastle, Ind.

In 2014, Jessica shot engagement photos and the wedding of Cara Wagner, Miss Cara Photography's owner. She primarily specializes in family photos and weddings. Although she is based in rural Indiana she does travel great distances for her clients.

Dalonte' Keemer | Dalonte' Keemer Photography | Indianapolis, Ind.

Dalonte' is a lighting guru. He began teaching Cara how to refine the use of artificial light sources and create photographs with more editorial flair. He specializes in headshots, editorial content, and fashion photography. For knockout bridal photos, he's your guy.

Keely Miller | Keeley Miller Photography | San Diego, Calif.

Keely Miller recently relocated to California but got her start in Indianapolis as a senior photographer. She creates timeless portraits that make her clients feel as beautiful and original as they are. If you know of someone out of state (or will be heading to California) who needs photography services, Keely gets the vote.

Alexis Pierce | Life By Lex Photography | Crawfordsville, Ind.

Lex focuses on families, engagements, weddings, and lifestyle sessions. Her airy post-production always leaves those from afar feeling calm and romantic - as if they too were part of the session. Lex also comes from a rural area and has great taste in outdoor session locations.

Kelli White | Kelli White Photography + Films | Carmel, Ind. & Terre Haute, Ind.

Kelli is multi-talented. She recently added small family films to her repertoire but she's been behind the lens photographing families and weddings for many years. She's a great wing lady for big events but feels comfortable running them too. She led a prior life in event management and planning which means she doesn't know a stranger.

Abby Winebrenner | Abigail K Photography | Indianapolis, Ind. & Cincinatti, Ohio

Abby has many talents including her work as an elementary art teacher. She's incredibly good with children of all ages, infuses color and texture into her work, and knows how to keep her clients engaged. She is an experienced wedding photographer always looking for an excuse to travel the world.


If you need to let us know about any date changes for your session, contact us!

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