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I Just Had My Photos Taken - Now What?

(C) Abigail K Photography

I'm so flattered that you chose to have your memories captured by Miss Cara Photography. It means the world to see repeat clients and to meet new ones along the way. I hope that you felt your experience was customized and that your requests, concerns, and wish list were met.

Now that your session has concluded, here's what happens on my end:

  1. Your photos are pulled from the SD card that was used in-camera to photograph your session. They are immediately backed-up on an external storage drive. Then they are imported into editing software for culling.

  2. The SD card is labeled and set aside until the final gallery is delivered. This is a fail safe if something should happen to the computer or files are corrupted at any point in time.

  3. Culling is the process of going through each image from the session and selecting the 'keepers.' For me, 'keepers' are images that are crisp, properly lit, and portray the client as their best self. If an image reveals a subject to have something coming out of their head (in the background), is out of focus, or doesn't flatter the client, they don't make the final gallery.

  4. Next, presets are applied and adjusted. Presets are pre-created editing styles that make a photographer's work visually recognizable. Just because a preset is made does not mean it will work every time for every photo. I use multiple presets in both color and black and white to see what works best for the session location, lighting, and my clients.

  5. Now it's time for hard edits. Hard edits happen in Photoshop. I try to make my clients look their best while keeping their features recognizable. This is also the phase where backgrounds are tidied up and touchups are applied (think a stain on a shirt, drool on a baby's lip, or a zit on the forehead).

  6. All images are then prepared for exporting! They are organized, resized, renamed, and exported into their final folder. For large events and weddings the organization step requires sorting the day into buckets like: happy hour, reception, etc. This step is repeated after applying a black and white preset.

  7. Once the images are exported they are loaded into a private, personalized gallery for delivery to the client. Uploading can take awhile depending on the size of the final gallery. Sometimes it takes hours!

  8. After you receive your photos, it is best to download and store them somewhere safe. Then you can forward the gallery to friends and family, purchase prints in a few clicks, and even request that I build you a custom heirloom album.

While you wait to receive your gallery, there are a few things you can do too!

  1. Make sure you follow @MissCaraPhotography on Instagram and Facebook to catch sneaks of your session.

  2. Be sure you don't have an outstanding balance from your session. Late or delayed payments will delay gallery delivery and may result in additional fees.

  3. Craft a Google review for Miss Cara Photography based on your experience.

  4. Email me any feedback from your session - good r bad, it's great to know what I did well and what I can improve.

  5. Referrals are the biggest form of flattery. If you have an opportunity to pass along my name for future work, I'd be humbled.


What is your average turnaround time?

It varies. Busy season (August-December) has a longer turnaround than the rest of the year due to the quantity of sessions during that time. Usually I strive to deliver weddings in 3-4 weeks, events in 1-5 days, family sessions in 1-3 weeks, and headshots within 3-7 business days. If I do give you a firm date I truly do try to under promise and over deliver.

There are different steps with each type of session for post-edit so that is a factor for turnaround too!

Will sneaks from my session be shared online?

I'm not always timely with this, though I do try and share images from every session.

How can I be sure I'm tagged in any sneaks?

Follow @MissCaraPhotography on Facebook and Instagram! I will search for your account(s) before posting images so that I can tag you. If you want anyone else tagged let me know!

Can I request that certain images not make it to the internet?

Absolutely! I refrain from posting anything that would not align with the work you already see on my social channels. Any photos of a bride getting into her dress, a child flashing bloomers, unclothed babies, and PDA is put through my public relations 'filter' and kept for the client's eyes only. Any other requests can be honored.

Weddings especially are documented on Instagram and Facebook stories. The bride and groom are never shown before their wedding ceremony is completed.

Do I have to tag my photographer when I share images from my gallery?

No. Though your tag tells me that you loved your images and you want me to know it!

Do I have permission to use my photos however I want?

Refer to your contract for your photo usage permissions and email me with any questions or special requests. Most of my contracts waive printing permissions though do not allow for the images to generate revenue. Ask yourself if using the image would benefit your bottom line. If the answer is yes, you need to have a modified agreement (which may have added costs) to use the image commercially. If you do not seek a modified agreement you are committing copyright infringement and will be held liable.

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