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This listing is for the #MCPpresets Brownie Film Collection.
It contains five Adobe Lightroom mobile presets complete will PDF instructions.


Are you inspired by vintage? Meet Brownie Film - a look inspired by my own collection of Kodak original film cameras where old charm and modernity collide. 


This preset was designed for the mobile creator - always on the go with consistency in mind. It pairs well with our other collection. Apply and post or tweak and schedule for your content. 


An Adobe Lightroom subscription is necessary to edit with this preset. 



  1. To begin, these files must be downloaded to your computer, not your phone. The PDF will explain this in greater detail. 
  2. This collection of presets are intended to be used in the Lightroom Mobile App exclusively - not the desktop version. These presets are not for use on RAW images, PNG, or other file formats. They were created to be used for JPG mobile photos. A basic understanding of Adobe Lightroom Mobile is essential. 
  3. Note that each preset will apply to an image differently depending on how that image was composed (think lighting, tone, subject, etc.). Presets are designed to be applied with one click, however additional tweaking may be necessary to achieve your desired look.
  4. Miss Cara Photography strongly encourages storing a copy of purchased presets on your computer (and/or external device). We are not responsible for lost or corrupt files.
  5. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email from that contains the link to your download. If you do not receive this email, check your spam folder or search your emails from that address.



  • Due to the digital nature of the product, absolutely no refunds or exchanges will be given. Files will be sent as an automatic download once purchase is complete. Please contact us with any questions or concerns before purchasing.
  • Unauthorized distribution of any kind is prohibited by law.
  • Miss Cara Photography is not responsible for Lightroom Mobile App technical issues. 

Brownie Film Collection

  • This page will walk you through step by step how to install the presets for use on your phone in the free Lightroom CC App.

    *Please note you will receive an email from that contains the link to your download.  


    1. Download the Lightroom CC App from the App Store. 

    2.  Remember, you need to download this preset collection zipped file to your computer first. Don't forget to back them up on an external device, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

    3.  Unzip the download and move the photo files (dng files) to your phone via email, airdrop, or Dropbox (to name a few). 

    4. The dng files should be saved to your phone in your camera roll. Yes, these files will look weird, but they are meant to be read as dng files in Lightroom CC. Don't fret!

    5. Open the Lightroom CC app on your phone. Tap the + to build a new album for your Miss Cara Photography Presets. There will be a prompt at the bottom asking you to make an album or a folder. Choose "create album."

    6. Give your album a name! *cough, Miss Cara Photography Presets, cough*

    7. To open, tap on your new album.

    8. Click the photo+ sign at the bottom of the scroll to add your files to this album.

    9. Select the camera roll.

    10.  You will see a series of black boxess with “dng” marked in the center. Select those to add to your Lightroom CC album. Choose "add." Once they are loaded into your Lightroom CC album they will have the applied edits and preset names on them!

    11.  Tap on the first preset in your album open it

    12.  Now choose the three dots in the upper right hand corner.

    13. In the sub menu, select "create preset."

    14.  For most collections and presets everything is already selected for you - just give the preset its name and click save.



    • Add photos to your Lightroom CC app and enjoy your new presets!  To find them, slide those editing tools at the bottom all the way over to the right. The tap “presets.”  Annoyingly this section will auto default to “color presets." Tap the arrow to open all the folders for presets. This menu will pop up and you want to select "user presets."

    (FYI - when Lightroom CC updates it will again default to color presets - just select ^this menu^ to choose user presets again).

    Whooo! Your Miss Cara Photography Presets are ready for use! 



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